First Favourite!

Citrus juicerHere we go, my first favourite! I’m not sure how long this post will be but I will write until it feels natural to end.

My first favourite is my citrus juicer. I use a lot of lemon in savoury cooking (I don’t like lemon in sweet things) and love my juicer. I bought it three years ago at the Earthy Market while I lived in Edinburgh. It is by Garden Trading and is still available. I love the rustic style of it and having the jug beneath it is very handy, it does only have the measurements in cups and fluid ounces but I tend to use ounces when I cook.

It has a beautiful country appearance, it reminds me on one my mum had when I was little. I prefer glass juicers to plastic ones as  feel they get more juice out easily. It is also great for oranges and limes too. I use it when I make my Fennel and Lemon Pearl Barley Risotto. I am also using it this evening to make a dressing for a warm winter vegetable and goats cheese salad.

I hope you enjoyed my first favourites post and I will make another soon. Hopefully it will be a cookery book but I have yet to find the boxes which contain my cookery books!

H x


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