Friday Favourite 23/01/2015

Genius Gluten Free ProductsGenius Gluten Free

This is a post inspired by my sister. I do not have any food allergies or intolerances but unfortunately my sister developed quite a few in her mid twenties, alongside ulcerative colitis and oral allergy syndrome, as a result she can not eat gluten, most dairy products, almonds, soft fleshed fruit… the list goes on. However she also has an anaphylactic reaction to buckwheat, to the extent that products made in factories which use buckwheat will cause her to have a severe anaphylactic reaction. Buckwheat is found in many gluten free products so gluten free alternatives for her to eat can be very tricky to find.

Finding Genius gluten free products has been a life saver for my sister. Not only do they make gluten free products but she has not had any allergic reactions to their products. Their range includes bread to gluten free pastry (short crust and puff).

This Christmas it enabled her to have a “normal” Christmas dinner for the first time in a three years. We used the soft brown sandwich gluten free bread and short crust pastry (the puff wasn’t available in our local supermarket) to make a chestnut red wine en croute. I also made her chestnut sausage rolls with the short crust pastry and mince pies.

Another great product was the sliced spicy fruit loaf which she enjoyed with brandy butter. Other favorites of hers are their crumpets and pain au chocolat.

Genius are an Edinburgh based company (best city in the world!). I can not thank them enough for producing a range of products that enables my sister to have a “normal diet”.

Information about Genius;

Genius products can be found in most supermarkets in the UK and independent stores. Their products can also be bought through their website (except frozen products). They are also available Internationally, details of countries and stockists can be found on their website.



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