The Highlands, Scotland

I was fortunate enough to have an extended holiday at my parents this Christmas due to waiting for my new passport to arrive rather than dashing back to Norway. The weather this year has been fantastic, sub zero temperatures and a foot of snow. I also saw the pine marten which lives on my parents land, mainly to be close to their chickens, he has already taken one. I also saw hundreds of deer, barn owls and shrews this winter, there are no photographs of the wildlife as all of the photographs were simply taken on my phone and the zoom is not good enough for wildlife photography.
The following are a selection landscape photographs of the Highlands just outside Inverness over the course of a week at various times of the day.Pine Marten tracks


3 thoughts on “The Highlands, Scotland

      1. Oh wow. I’ll be spending Christmas down in south-west England this year which I’m very excited about.

        But another time, I think a dinky cottage in the snowy mountains could be just the trick. x

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