Friday Favourite 30/01/2014

Cook Vegetarian MagazineIMG_0046

I have been reading Cook Vegetarian almost since it first started publication. I still have every issue lined up on my bookcase, nearly taking up a whole shelf now! I think it is the best vegetarian magazine available.

It has monthly issues with an occasional special recipe booklet (in addition to all of the recipes in the magazine). Each month new recipes are given, usually showcasing the best seasonal produce. Celebrity chefs contribute regularly and it also showcases vegetarian food bloggers. Other regular features include gardening and health/lifestyle articles.

The diversity if recipes is great and includes many vegan and gluten free recipes too. It is great inspiration for vegetarian meals. Their website also includes hundreds of great recipes and has a forum for readers to use.

Unfortunately now that I live in Norway I can no longer have the magazine delivered to me (I let my mum have it now) but I can get the digital version instead. My mum saves the magazine for me though so I do get to read the paper copy whenever I get home to visit my family.

Thank you Cook Vegetarian for all of the wonderful recipes and features you have done over the years which has provided me with so much inspiration and amazing dishes!

To follow cook vegetarian;
Twitter @cookveg

H x


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