Friday Favourite – JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum

For years I have looked with envy at everyone’s recipes and Instagram stories using high powered blenders, I have to envy no more! I have the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum and it is amazing! Nut butters in 2 minutes, easy! Velvety soups, the smoothest smoothies, all achievable with minimum effort. It has all of the settings integrated into the machine so it takes just one press of the program you would like and it does the rest for you. I have used the grinding program the most so far for making nut butters.

It comes with a two litre jug but also a 1 litre cyclone jug. The cyclone jug is brilliant for making nut butters as it has an integrated scraper so nothing gets stuck during the blending. I have used this jug a lot. I used it to make some incredible homemade nutella which was so smooth and creamy that I’m sure I’m going to need to make another batch very soon!

Having a tiny baby in the house who is not the best at napping means I need to try to keep the house quiet while Rowan sleeps, this is perfect for that. It is so quiet Rowan will happily sleep through me using it. Or if he s awake the noise doesn’t scare him. I haven’t seen one as quiet as this before. Another important thing I needed in a blender is easy cleaning. This takes no effort to clean at all – even after sticky nut butters! Just rinse out the jugs with water and washing up liquid and they are clean! I was worried that because it has fixed blades it would be fiddly to clean but it isn’t at all!

It also can make soup from scratch. I have always been very dubious about machines that make soup in them and have never really seen the point. It is however really handy for making soup when you need it quickly. Just prep the veg, add some stock and press the hot drink/soup setting and it will do the rest. Obviously there isn’t the same depth of flavour as with a longer homemade soup but I use it when I am on the run.

I have been a fan of JR Ultra products for years which is why I chose this over other brands. I have had two of their juicers over the years and this does not disappoint. How I have managed without a high speed blender before I do not know!

Here are some links to recipes that you can make in it;

Homemade Vegan Nutella

Summer Smoothie Jar

Chargrilled Red Pepper and Chilli Soup

It is expensive but I think definitely worth the investment. Plus if you buy it directly from their website you can get up to 40% off!

H xx

This post is sponsored by JR Ultra but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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