Friday Favourite – JR 8000 S2 Juicer

Many of you will know about my love for JR Ultra products. I have owned two versions of their juicer and now I have their newest version. My word I didn’t think anything could be improved upon from their previous but they have really excelled themselves!

Juicers were the must have kitchen gadget a few years ago but this seems to have quietened down a little now. I think it’s time for people to fall in love with their juicers again. Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on shop bought juice that is ok when you can quickly and easily make amazing juice at home. You can have whatever flavour you want and they are packed with more vitamins and minerals. This juicer is the best juicer I have used and would highly recommend it.

As soon as I opened the box for the JR 8000 S2 I could instantly see some of the new modifications they have made. The juicer is incredibly easy to put together, the lock mechanism into the body has gone so the lid just has to be twisted on for it to lock shut securely. The shape of the auger is slightly different too. My nieces and nephew have made juice with me and they can put it together very easily and they are under 7 years old! The new pusher is also really good, just in case anything does get stuck but I’ve found the new shape of the auger makes it easier to pick up all of the fruit. The new shape of the juice jug and pulp jug which stack neatly inside each other are brilliant as they now pack away nice and neatly. The juice jug also comes with measurements on the side so you know how much juice you have made.

The new design is also really simple to clean. Make sure you wash it straight away but it is very easy to clean and not fiddly like other juicers can be.

I love this juicer as it is a slow juicer meaning that more of the vitamins and minerals are preserved compared to other juicers on the market. The bonus to this as well means that the juices you make don’t separate out, they are evenly mixed throughout. The juices I have made in this are by far the best I have ever made (and I loved the previous version so much). I’m really glad they kept the non drip mixing cap as when this is closed it mixes the juice together before opening the cap and allowing the juice to go into the juice jug.

As with the previous versions it has different attachments for different purposes, one for juice, one for smoothies and one for frozen fruit desserts. I mainly use it for juices but I have also made smoothies in it too. Now that summer is approaching I will use the smoothie attachment more for making smoothie bowls for breakfast.

Not only is it brilliant at making juice but it also looks fantastic too! I have the supreme gloss red version which looks stunning. I keep it out on my work surface at all times. JR Ultra have really succeeded in making the best juicer on the market at the moment!

Here are some ideas of recipes you can make in it:


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