Weaning Wednesdays

Rowan has been on solids for just over two weeks so I thought I would share how things are going introducing solids to him. At first I really hated weaning, he wasn’t interested at food at all and kept gagging when anything was in his mouth. For a couple of days because of this, alongside giving him whole bits of fruit and vegetables I mashed up some sweet potato with my breast milk to get him used to having food which he loved! We tried him on banana, broccoli and apple on the first day and have since given him pear, nectarine, strawberry, raspberries, butternut squash, courgette (one of his favourites!) aubergine, peppers, cucumber, avocado, red lentil soup, baked beans and oat cakes. He is now loving food and every meal is a joy!!

We are making things simple for ourselves by just making sure he is having the same fruit and vegetables from our meals, we just season ours afterwards rather than during cooking. He doesn’t put food into his mouth on his own yet, I feed it to him, he can bite chunks off food and chew it really well himself. I will only give him what he wants, if he turns his head I won’t force him. More often than not though he will shout for more, especially if I take to long getting myself a mouthful of food instead of giving him more! He has started moving my hand either towards or away from his mouth so I think he will start doing this with food on his own in the next couple of weeks.

The thing that I have learned is to just roll with it, some days he won’t eat very much and other days he will eat loads and not want any breast milk. It’s all a learning curve for Rowan and me which is important to remember, I don’t worry if he doesn’t eat very much one day, he is only six months old!

Weaning Essentials

We haven’t really bought very many things for weaning but the few things we have bought have been great.

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

We love this high chair! Easy to wipe down, simple to put together and it grows with your baby, from birth to adulthood! We bought it in moss green as I loved the colour!

Bamboo Bamboo Plate

We’ve only bought one plate for Rowan so far and this is really cute! As Rowan is on,y eating finger foods at the moment we’ve only needed one plate as it is really simple to clean after each meal.


Make sure you have plenty of bibs!! My favourite are the Close Parent Stage 2 bibs but when he is bigger I’m really looking forward to the stage 3 and 4 bibs too!


We’ve only bought four spoons for him so far for when we do give him soup, mashed vegetables or yoghurt. We bought them from Boots and to be honest I don’t really like them but they will do for now but I will be looking to get some others.

I hope that you will find this helpful. I will be sharing adaptations of all my recipes to show how to make them baby friendly to fit into everyday meal times.

Hermione and Rowan xx


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