Weaning Wednesday – 7 months old!

Rowan is now 7 months old so we have been on our weaning adventure for a whole month! There have been ups and downs, but mainly ups! I do think we have been really lucky with how much Rowan likes food. He now eats meals with us most nights. He really quickly stopped pushing Food out of his mouth and gagging, after about three days really. He loves both sweet and savoury tastes, because he loves savoury tastes I’m not bothered if he likes sweet things too, such as mango and melon, so I am not mixing sweet flavours with savoury ones. Mango is a beautiful taste so I’m not going to purée it with vegetables to reduce its sweetness.

Whenever we eat we give Rowan something to eat too. This means he is having breakfast, lunch and dinner plus the occasional snack. He doesn’t always eat very much but then at others he will eat lots.

I’m introducing spices into Rowan’s diet now. Cinnamon, coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, saffron are some of his favourites. It’s really exciting seeing him enjoy new flavours. It also means meal times are becoming incredibly special as he is eating the exact same food as we are. He also loves risotto too, especially when I put lots of garlic on it! I know that when he is older this may all change but for now I will enjoy every moment that he eats curry with a huge smile on his face!

Rowan’s favourite meals contain lots of spice here are some my recipes that he loves!

Hermione and Rowan xx


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