A new start

It has been an incredibly long time since I last posted. I have really missed blogging – it was always my space to be creative and share my life. Becoming a mum and a global pandemic changes everything, mainly how much free time I have. I’m not even sure what free time is anymore or whether free time is even what I should call it. I would love to start blogging again so this is the start of me dipping back into it. I can’t promise how regular it will be but I’m hoping it will start becoming more of my life again.

Hermione with Ivo in the greenhouse.

The direction of this blog will also be changing, it will be more of a diary of our garden adventures and the plant based food I cook using our homegrown produce and seasonal ingredients. So the recipes will have a very similar feel but there will also be a lot of gardening in it too.

Our vegetable garden in June
Kitchen Garden

Since I last posted a lot has happen, we are now a family of five, our youngest Ivo is four weeks old. I am now vegan as is my husband. The children are vegan at home but vegetarian at nursery or when out so they don’t miss out on birthday cake and ice cream. We have also moved to the Scottish Borders. We live in an old farm cottage with a beautiful big garden. We have spent a lot of time building our vegetable patch and greenhouse. There are now eight raised beds which we are growing salads, radishes, courgettes, squashes, onions, garlic, kale, beans and peas, carrot and parsnips. I will go into detail of the varieties in another post.

Our style of gardening is organic, peat free, no dig. We also grow wildflowers where ever possible and plan to turn one part of the garden into a mini wildflower meadow. if I could spend all day gardening at the moment that would make me really happy.

One day I would love to do some small supper clubs in the vegetable patch and greenhouse but that will have to wait until Ivo is a little bigger. I’m also planning on starting a toddler gardening club next spring. There is a lot of planning to do but I am very excited about it.

I’ll leave it at that for today and share a full garden tour soon. Hopefully you will enjoy this shift in the direction of Hermione’s Pantry and I look forward to reigniting this space. H xxx


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