My name is Hermione Blackshaw (formally Wood) and I love food. I have been vegetarian all my life and when I was 21 I catered for my sister’s vegetarian wedding. I’m now in my late twenties, back living in beautiful Edinburgh after a convoluted period moving from Orkney to Norway, the Highlands of Scotland and now back to Edinburgh. I live with my husband, who is also vegetarian, and beautiful baby boy Rowan. I am enjoy cooking more than ever. The recipes I create focus on seasonal, plant based, healthy, vegetarian, vegan food with the occasional cake thrown in for good measure! I love showing people that plant based food can be enjoyed by all. Eat better not less is something that I live by. 

In this blog I share my recipes and photographs of my food. Photography is another passion of mine, I am still learning a lot about food photography.

I will admit at the moment I do not have a pantry, instead I have a cupboard. It is my dream that one day I will have a wonderful big walk in pantry filled with all of the baking and cooking ingredients by heart desires on shelf after shelf in kilner jars.

I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I do! H x


6 thoughts on “About 

  1. Hi Hermione,

    I think your blog is beautiful so I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out in my most recent post on isthisfood.

    Hatti x

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