End of Summer Goat Cheese, Carrot and Cabbage Bowl

 With Summer drawing to a close I thought I would share another of my favourite summer bowl recipes. The carrots and cabbage in this again are homegrown organic from my garden. There is only 1 crop of carrots left in the garden but there is lots of beetroot that will be ready soon! I haven’t … More End of Summer Goat Cheese, Carrot and Cabbage Bowl


Sweetcorn Fritters

This is my all time favourite comfort food. This a family favourite recipe from when I was little. When I feel a bit homesick I make this. They can be enjoyed however you like, simply with tomato ketchup, with baked beans or pasta shapes (as I used to enjoy when I was little) or made … More Sweetcorn Fritters

Cheese Scones

Cheese scone brings back such happy memories for me, Autumnal and Winter Sunday mornings with my family, a large pan of soup on the hob and making fresh cheese scones for lunch. There is nothing better. This should be more of autumn entry but I have been making it a lot recently so I thought … More Cheese Scones