Chargrilled Red Pepper and Chilli Soup

With the cold winter weather making a resurgence I have been making quite a lot of soups for lunch. This has been one of my favourite, smokey, sweet and spicy, just brilliant. It is very easy to chargrill red peppers if you have a gas hob, just hold them over the gas flame until they … More Chargrilled Red Pepper and Chilli Soup


Best Ever Salsa

Continuing on from my theme of dips that I love, this salsa is also up there. I much prefer raw salsas to cooked, they are much fresher and have more flavour with only a few ingredients. It does start off very similar to my guacamole recipe (in fact it is nearly the same!). This is … More Best Ever Salsa

Best Ever Guacamole

I love spicy Mexican food. I particularly love guacamole, especially my homemade version. It is very fresh and so simple to make. The spiciness of it can altered to your preference so I am keeping it fairly mild in the recipe and then further chilli can be added! In Norway Friday’s seem to be taco … More Best Ever Guacamole