Turmeric and Tahini Sauce

I am obsessed with turmeric and tahini at the moment. I put tahini on everything, toast, porridge, salads… I could go on. The lovely warming and vibrant qualities of turmeric are also wonderful, especially now that late spring is finally here. I have always the flavour of tahini, as a child I loved it when … More Turmeric and Tahini Sauce


Yorkshire Parkin

Yes I may have missed bonfire night with this recipe but I think it makes a perfect wintry treat because of the fiery ginger and sticky nature of it. The only issue is that it really does need to sit and mature for a few days for it to be at it’s best! This can … More Yorkshire Parkin

Pumpkin Pie

Everybody has a favourite recipe to make pumpkin pie and this is mine. I use double cream rather than condensed milk in order to get a creamier texture, it is a little like a cheesecake texture rather than a gelatinous texture. I brought four tins of Libby’s pumpkin puree with me to Norway and I … More Pumpkin Pie