Lemon Thyme and Oregano Salad Dressing

This is just a quick post for a really simple salad dressing that I love. I really enjoy making homemade salad dressings as more often than not they are far better than shop bought and contain fresh ingredients and no preservatives. We have lots of pot of herbs which are all smelling amazing at the … More Lemon Thyme and Oregano Salad Dressing


Best Ever Hummus

I love hummus. In the UK I would also have a pots in the fridge which I would buy from the supermarket. In Norway hummus isn’t available in supermarkets so I have to make my own. I would sometimes make my own in the UK but always preferred the supermarket version. I have been practicing … More Best Ever Hummus

Courgette Salad

Hei fra Norge! We have made it to Norway!! I can’t believe I have only been here six days, it feels like so much longer! We are currently living in temporary accommodation while we apartment hunt. The temporary accommodation is nice but has a basic kitchen so it is making me have to be creative … More Courgette Salad